Press release: 9 April, 2023

Following on from the success of their debut EP, Moonshine Coyote is pleased to announce the release of  a new single.

“Dirty Mother for You” is Moonshine Coyote’s take on the 1930’s Memphis Minnie classic.

It would take a really big, nasty, rusty crowbar to pry the grin off my face-!

Freakin’ fun tune, guys-!!

Victoria, Canada

“Dirty Mother for You” is available on all major streaming platforms from April 9, 2023.

Press release: 6 February, 2023

Moonshine Coyote is proud to announce the release of our debut album, a four song EP titled Waitin’ on That Train.

Cigar box guitars and lap steel coupled with a cajon give Moonshine Coyote a unique sound which is displayed to full advantage on these original songs. From the nostalgia of Wild Hot Weekends to the foot stomping Waitin’ on That Train it’s a musical journey you won’t want to miss.

Available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes and many more.

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Using mostly hand built cigar box guitars and custom-made instruments, Moonshine Coyote’s unique sound draws influences from traditional blues and Americana.

The combination of four vocalists, cajon, bass, lap steel, cigar box and resonator guitars creates a diverse soundscape for the bands original songs as well as the occasional cover arranged to suit the band’s sound.

Moonshine Coyote offers an authentic American style look and feel to their performances, blending a wealth of experience from the different members of the band.


For more information about the band and the instruments please visit our website at

Band members

Moonshine Coyote members:

Jiff Godfrey



4 & 6 string cigar box guitars,

Resonator guitar

Martin Pallett



Lap steel

6 string cigar box guitars

Lee Dorrington





Ken Gentry



Cigar box bass



Jiff and Lee, who had previously played together in a band called Fungus Mungus,  started Moonshine Coyote in 2016 when, coincidentally, they had both taken up new instruments and the sounds complemented each other…

Jiff had grown dissatisfied with the music he was playing and craved something a bit more raw, which led him to the blues and more specifically the sound of a resonator cigar box guitar. So he immediately built one, and set about getting used to only having 4 strings!

Meanwhile, Lee had just bought himself a cajon, so it seemed natural that he would team up with his old friend Jiff to explore their new directions in music together, and Moonshine Coyote was born.

The name Moonshine Coyote came from an incident at a gig some years before where Jiff and Lee had referred to themselves as “Moonshine Coyotes” for smuggling beer into the green room – “coyote” is Mexican slang for smugglers and moonshine because they were smuggling alcohol…

At one of their early performances, Ken, a well-travelled authentic American from North Carolina, new to the local music scene, heard them play the sounds of home and was keen to return to his roots. A blues player for many years, his bass guitar and vocals added a depth to the sound the pair were looking for and Moonshine Coyote became a trio.

By now the band was starting to define a unique style – drawing influences from a wide range of artists, from the raw blues of Memphis Minnie, Muddy Waters and Big Mama Thornton to more contemporary acts like The Dead South. As well as sounding distinctive they were also developing a strong visual appeal – Jiff had designed a logo, built several more cigar box guitars including a bass for Ken, some small amps, and covers for the stage amps that give the appearance of old packing crates containing sugar, corn meal and yeast – the ingredients to make moonshine…

Something was still missing though, but that changed in 2019 when Moonshine Coyote played a gig at Fairycroft House where another band, Rusty Rockets, were also playing. Jiff, Lee and Ken all loved the sound of the lap steel in the Rusty Rockets set –  a guest appearance by Martin.

After the gig Jiff said to Martin (they knew each other slightly) “I didn’t know you slid” to which Martin replied “I’ve been sliding for years…” Shortly after, Martin joined the band and Moonshine Coyote completed their current lineup.

A series of high profile local gigs in and around Saffron Walden followed, including the Fete de la Musique,  Dance in the Square, The Big Day Out and opening for Toploader during the Round Table’s “8 Day Weekend” Carnival.

While looking forward to many more great gigs, the emphasis in the music has shifted to performing and recording more original material, leading to the band’s debut release – a four song EP entitled “Waitin’ On That Train”…

Download as PDF:  Moonshine Coyote Bio



Notable gigs

Hillbilly Hoedown, Fairycroft House, 14 October 2023


Moonshine Coyote
James White & The Wild Fire

So Long Summer Festival, Littlebury, 9 September 2023

(funds raised for Uttlesford Food Bank and Littlebury Village Hall)

Gaynorfest, 3 September 2023

(funds raised for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance)

Jubilee Gardens, Saffron Walden, 26 August 2023

Dereham Blues Festival, 8 July 2023

    • The George Hotel
    • Gemini
    • The Bull
    • DC’s Bar
    • The Red Lion

EP Release party, 4 February, 2023, Fairycroft House

Tall Trees, Cambridge, 23 December 2022

So Long Summer Festival, Littlebury, September 2022

Saffron Walden Carnival “8 Day Weekend” 2022

(opening for Toploader)

Jubilee Celebrations, Saffron Walden Common, June 2022

Saffron Walden Christmas Lights Switch On, 2021

Dance in the Square, 2021

Wylde Sky Taproom – 14 August, 2021

Saffron Walden Big Day Out

Fete de la Musique, 2021

Father’s Day 2020

Fairycroft House, February 2020

Max’s Marvellous Fun Day, 15 July, 2019